KLIK! Specials – Amsterdam

KLIK! Specials is a whirlwind of animation highlights, carefully crafted into an awesome feast. Showcasing of brand-new animated beauties as well as talks by booming filmmakers and visual artists, our Specials serve up food for thought and highlight recent trends in animation worldwide.


This year KLIK! received over 1800 animated short films from more than 80 countries! For this special program, we selected the most interesting shorts from nations without a big animation tradition, such as Zimbabwe, Moldova, Taiwan, and Egypt. Expand your horizons and sink your teeth in this intriguing selection of animated shorts.

Your Favourite, TALES of NAZIR, happens to be part of the nominations..

The boy Nazir meets the deadly Ebola virus in his dream. They have a talk in which Nazir makes Ebola happy and the virus ends up telling Nazir how people can avoid him.

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Source: http://www.klik.amsterdam/festival/program-list